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How Shivafinz operates, Why should you come to us

Commitment of 100 % satisfactory result.

We are a team of experienced professionals, who will help you to get the best deal in the market from our lending partners i.e. Banks & Nbfcs.
We are a financial solution company providing customers with loan services for their different sets of needs for travel, marriage, higher education, home renovation, new or old home purchase, etc.

About The Founder

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Swastika Biswas she owe’s 13yrs of profound Experience in Sales Strategic Planning & Leadership/Business Development / Digital sales/ Inside sales Management/ Data Analysis.
Previous employee of  Brands like Indiamart, Wishfin, Tata capital, Oto capital, Unacademy, Herkey (formerly known as jobsforher)

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Our Process

Why should you come to us ?


Most of the School Employees don't get loans from Big Pvt. Banks or NBFC’s because these companies are categorized as non-listed companies .


Employees land up taking multiple app loans at ROI 24-36 % because those are easily accessible. Which results in overleveraged or Cibil score keeps on dropping .


They keep applying in different apps, which results in multiple enquiries affecting their Cibil score.


Did you notice one important point here, any of the websites claiming FREE ELIGIBILITY CHECK - Are actually triggering your cibil to check your eligibility,then it goes for login and they reject your case.